[a] to move left

[s] to move right

[mouse left click] to attack

[mouse right click] to infinite jump 

the levels are currently terrible because they are just the test and debug levels, haven't made any real levels yet

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Published 14 days ago
StatusIn development


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Why even give me the option of non-infinite jump if I'm just going to use infinite jump every time? Just make spacebar do the same thing as right click or remove right click. Also, the AI has insane reflexes and can see (and shoot) behind it. Potentially good game though. I want to punch bit bean in the face. 

Thanks for playing and the feedback! lol everything is placeholder and rushed to make it for demoday. The AI and levels are placeholder and were just like that for debugging purposes. The infinite jump is also just for debugging, i didn't have time to rebalance the debug levels and the debug AI to fit non-infinite jump so i left infinite jump in xD.